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5 Outstanding Matcha Cocktails

5 Outstanding Matcha Cocktails

Matcha is probably one of the trendiest food and beverage ingredients today. The flavorful and silky-smooth green tea powder has piqued the curiosity of many of the most creative chefs, food technologists, bakers and mixologists of our time. In fact, there has been a noticeable increase of available matcha-infused dishes, desserts and drink concoctions offered in restaurants, bars, cafes, snack shops and supermarkets around the globe in the last decade.

Photo source: www.allabout-japan.com

From being solely a traditional and ceremonial tea drink in Japan for several centuries, matcha became a quintessential substitute to espresso as a base for making latte beverages. This did not come as a surprise, not only because the powder’s intrinsic taste blends well with milk, but it also contains an adequate amount of caffeine to deliver the same perk up-effect expected from coffee. It’s a healthier option too, as matcha also teems with antioxidants, amino acids and vitamins.

It is still no cause for astonishment, when matcha started appearing in desserts and savory dishes as the green tea powder proved to be a versatile ingredient that can be intermingled with other flavors. But it did not stopped there. Matcha also made its way to the hands of innovative bartenders, and into various cocktail drinks. It’s hard to imagine that the chlorophyll-rich green powder known for its detoxifying property can be mixed with an intoxicating tonic in any way, but amazingly, the results are downright refreshing and yummy. 

Here are five outstanding matcha-infused concoctions that you can try at home:

  1. Matcha Mint Juleps

By: Alanna Taylor-Tobin of The Bojon Gourmet


Photo source: bojongourmet.com

This drink is a “matcha-fied” version of the Mint Julep, the official cocktail of the Kentucky Derby. It is said that an average of 120,000 glasses of the said drink is served in the annual racetrack event. The traditional concoction has only four components, namely Bourbon whisky, crushed iced, mint leaves and simple syrup.

Ms. Alanna Taylor-Tobin’s version is not only a hybrid of the classic mint juleps and the modern innovation that contains steeped green tea and lemon; she also incorporated the highly nutritious and flavorful matcha into the mix. The result is a perfect refresher during hot days as the drink’s minty and citrusy character is further heightened by matcha’s unique umami flavor and malty texture. Plus, it is usually prepared with plenty of ice. And did I mention it contains smooth Bourbon whisky?

Get the recipe here.


  1. Matcha Highball

By: Jason Patz of Williams and Graham, Denver

 photo source: foodandwine.com

This concoction goes back to the roots of matcha green tea. Jason Patz, the award-winning mixologist who created this drink, found his inspiration exactly in the “land of the rising sun”. He got his light bulb moment to combine Japanese whisky with the quintessential tea drink of Japan, during his trip to the country.

Besides what was already mentioned, you would also need a few ingredients to make the drink such as club soda, lemon juice, honey syrup, ice and lemon wheel. You also need to bring out the trusty old cocktail shaker to do the trick.

Get the recipe here.


  1. Matcha Iced Tea with Cucumber

By: Green Evi of Green Evi blog

Photo source: greenevi.com

This green iced tea is not only delicious and refreshing drink, but a potent detoxifier too. It combines the natural health properties and fresh natural flavors of matcha green tea and cucumber. Its taste is further enriched by the bright tartness of citrus and the lovely sweetness of maple syrup. Green Evi’s fondness for cold matcha drinks and fresh veggies has led to the making of this concoction.

You only need a few ingredients and a simple cocktail shaker (or a lidded jar) to make this drink. Besides what’s already mentioned, you will only need purified water and a few ice cubes, and you are set to go.

Get the recipe here.


  1. Matcha Mojitos

By: Bonnie Eng of Thirsty for Tea blog

Photo source: www.thirstyfortea.com 

Mojitos for starter are generally light and refreshing drinks. It is perfect for those who need a relaxing beverage after a long tiring day, but do not desire to get overly imbibed. This popular social drink was given a delightful twist by Ms. Bonnie Eng by introducing matcha into the mix. The said green tea powder has a mood enhancing property brought by its caffeine and abundant L-theanine amino acid content.

Once again, this delicious drink can be prepared at home in just a few minutes and in a few simple steps. Besides a café grade or culinary grade matcha powder, you will only need 3 tbsps. of chilled rum along with mint leaves, club soda, lime wedges, honey, water and ice. As for the tools, you just need a sifter, a simple spoon (or muddler if you have) for muddling mint leaves and for stirring. Serve the drink in a tall glass.

Get the recipe here.


  1. Spicy Matcha Margaritas

By: Lauren Lester of Wicked Spatula blog

Photo source: www.wickedspatula.com

Last but not the least on this issue, is a very green cocktail with a lot of zing and a lot of Mexican zests. Muy caliente! This recipe by blogger Lauren Lester, calls for a couple of slices of jalapeno along with other green-colored ingredients such as matcha and lime.

The delightful combination of chili spice and citrus tartness works really well with matcha’s subtle sweetness and slight bitter note. Add to that the taste and kick of tequila blanco and the sweetness of honey syrup, and you have a drink that runs well inside the mouth and down the throat. You only need a spoon or muddler and a cocktail shaker as implements to make this cocktail.

Get the recipe here.

Thank you so much for reading! Please check out our site regularly for more matcha-focused recipes and other information.