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8 Great Ideas for Adding Matcha in Soups, Salads and Sides

8 Great Ideas for Adding Matcha in Soups, Salads and Sides

Green on greens, really? Sure and why not? Although matcha can be put in the same array as fresh green leafy vegetables such as those commonly used in tossed salads, it still brandishes its own distinct flavor and healthful nutrients. In fact, matcha has a unique intrinsic and robust umami taste brought by its high polyphenols and chlorophyll content. The amount of which, is several times greater than what is commonly found in broccoli, kale or spinach leaves of the same weight.


photo source: www.blueapron.com

For the said reason, you only need a tiny amount of matcha powder to infuse in any beverage or food preparations. Sometimes, even a mere teaspoonful would do the trick in giving your dish an additional, color, flavor, texture and nutritional value. For instance, you can stir in a teaspoon of green tea powder to any of your usual soup preparations, whether it is a thin, thick or creamy broth. The usual technique is by introducing it to the simmering potage a few minutes before turning off the stove or right after it is cooked; so as not to overcook the pulverized tea leaves.

As for salad preparations, matcha is more commonly mixed with vinaigrettes or other salad dressings so that it can permeate every part of the dish, as it is being tossed or stirred. The vibrantly hued powder is also great for giving bound salads such as egg salad, potato salad, tuna salad, chicken salad and pasta salad a lovely green tinge and extra layer of earthy flavor. Matcha can also be added or blended in many different ways to a wide variety of side dishes.

I gathered some terrific matcha-infused recipes for soups, salads, and sides made by several talented and food savvy individuals who graciously shared their works through their respective blogs or through web portals provided by various online publications.


1. Spring Pea, Spinach & Matcha Soup with Shrimp

Photo source: www.shape.ph

This trio of green-colored whole foods is truly a power dish. It is filled with dietary fibers, proteins, multi-vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids brought by the combination of spring pea, spinach and matcha. As an added treat, and to break the dish’s monochrome, the soup will be topped with cooked shrimps and garnished with dill. Yum!

This recipe, along with the accompanying photo, came from the online version of Shape Philippines, a modern health and lifestyle magazine for women.

Click HERE to see complete recipe.


2. Rice Noodles and Coconut-Matcha Broth with Delicata Squash, Bok Choy & Thai Basil

Photo source: www.blueapron.com

This hearty vegetarian soup with bold Asian flavors is a great meal starter at any time of the day. It got certain creaminess and umami flavor from the matcha-coconut milk broth, zesty quality from ginger, garlic and scallions, as well as subtle sourness and minty taste from lime and Thai basil. The noodles, squash and bok choy gave the soup a lot of body and make it more nourishing and pleasing.

The recipe for this dish is posted in a website called Blue Apron, along with a step-by-step instructions and photos. Named after the customary piece of apparel that culinary students wore, the website symbolizes every chefs’ unending quest for learning and improvement. It does not only features recipes but also tutorial videos for various fundamental kitchen skills for the benefit of aspiring chefs.

Click HERE to see complete recipe.


3. Ochazuke


Photo source: www.justonecookbook.com

This dish can be classified both as a soup and as a rice entrée. It involves pouring hot green tea (ocha) to a bowl of steamed rice topped with various fresh or cooked savory ingredients and submerging (zuke) them in the process. This is actually a traditional Japanese comfort food that can be customized according to your own taste or the availability of ingredients at your disposal. 

It can be topped with fish (cooked, dried and salted, sashimi style), cooked meat, dried seaweeds (nori), tomatoes, etc. It can also be seasoned with soy sauce, grounded sesame seeds, lemon, etc. As for the hot tea, you can do the traditional usucha or thin tea that requires half a teaspoon of matcha that will be dissolved in a mug of hot water by stirring with a whisk.

Ms. Namiko Chen, a fantastic cook, author, photographer and blogger has shared a great ochazuke recipe in her blog Just One Cookbook. The photo of her wonderful dish is posted above as it appeared in her site.

Click HERE to see complete recipe.


4. Matcha-poached Salmon Noodle Bowl with Edamame, Sesame and Avocado


Photo source: www.greatbritishchefs.com

Rather than mixing matcha directly to salad mixes or dressings, this recipe contributed by Yorkshire-based food writer and blogger Ms. Elly McCausland to Great British Chefs website, showcases another creative way of using the flavorful and antioxidant-green tea powder in salads - by poaching a protein component with it. This technique does not only kept the moistness of the salmon; it also infused the fish meat with the earthy flavor of green tea, thus balancing its oiliness and rich taste.

This salad does not only offer a symphony of flavors but also of textures, colors, luscious aromas and dietary values. This is one of the more than 3,000 recipes compiled by the aforementioned website that highlights the works of numerous talented and passionate chefs from the United Kingdom and Italy. The product shot that appeared above is originally posted in the said site.

Click HERE to see complete recipe.


5. Warm Salmon Flake and Asparagus Salad with Matcha Vinaigrette


Photo source: www.thirstyfortea.com

This scrumptious dish is an example of what I mentioned about infusing salad dressings with matcha powder. In this case, the green tea powder’s inherent umami taste added flavor complexity to the vinaigrette’s mishmash of acidity, sweetness, spiciness and piquancy. Put together by Ms. Bonnie Eng and posted in her website Thirsty for Tea, this salad features the crispness of fresh asparagus, the rich flavor and tenderness of pan-fried salmon and the multifarious palatability of the handcrafted dressing.

This dish is more than just a first course; it is a complete healthy meal by itself, especially with the addition of poached or soft-boiled egg on top. Bonnie stayed true to the theme of her blog where she highlights the use of tea in all featured recipes. In this case, the spotlight is on the highly nutritious and metabolic-enhancing matcha. She likewise posted some really awesome accompanying photographs for her dish, and one of which is shown above.

Click HERE to see complete recipe.


6. Matcha-Dusted Turnip and Sorrel Salad with Brown Butter

Photo Source: www.munchies.vice.com

This salad is a perfect example of how raw matcha can be used as a top sprinkle on any dish. In this case, the bright green tea powder was cleverly mixed with dark green – hued ground wakame (dried seaweeds) thus creating a two-toned dusting element with a more complex umami flavor brought by the saltiness of the wakame and the fresh vegetal quality of matcha.

This recipe once again showcased Chef Jeremiah Stone’s knack for combining French techniques with Asian ingredients, as well as blending the creaminess of butter with the crispness of fresh produce. The photo shown here, as well as the said recipe is part of the website Munchie’s special feature on Chef Stone and his business partner Chef Fabian von Hauske. The said culinary tandem is behind the New York-based restaurant and bar Contra.

Click HERE to see complete recipe.


7. Matcha-Mushroom Pilaf with Avocado


Photo source: www.youbeauty.com 

This next dish would go along well on side of any meat or fish entrée. It is as flavorful and filling as it is packed with nutritional benefits. The dish calls for the use of whole food ingredients such as brown rice, shiitake mushrooms, avocado and yellow onion. For seasoning, you will need toasted sesame oil, light soy sauce and sesame seeds. The matcha powder will be infused in the boiling water that will cook the rice and the mushroom, thus each grain will absorb all its essence.

The recipe for this dish is posted in YouBeauty.com along with other ideas and procedures for using matcha in other drink and dish preparations. Doctors Mehmet Oz and Michael Roizen founded the said beauty, fitness and lifestyle e-magazine, which aim to educate women in various aspects for wholesome and healthy living.

Click HERE to see complete recipe.


8. Radishes with Seaweed-Matcha Butter


Photo source: www.foodandwine.com

Last but not the least in this article is a simple yet very haute cuisine side dish. Not only that it showcases harmonious bold flavors, it is downright classy on the plate too. Chefs and Restaurateurs Jeremiah Stone and Fabian von Hauske of Contra and Wildair restaurants and bars in New York City contributed this ingenious recipe to Food & Wine e-magazine.

This creamy and slightly tangy and zesty dish can be prepared in about 10 minutes. It only involves a few ingredients, namely radishes, turnips, dried seaweeds (nori), flaky sea salt, salted butter and of course, a small amount of matcha powder. Check out the stunning product shot above, as it originally appeared in the aforementioned popular website. 

Click HERE to see complete recipe.


Thank you for reading and please check out our other postings more amazing matcha-infused recipes.