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7 Truly Invigorating Matcha Power Smoothies

7 Truly Invigorating Matcha Power Smoothies

As our daily diets are increasingly pervaded by processed foods, junk foods even, more and more of us are not getting the ideal dietary requirements to keep our bodies in tiptop shape. While many people remained oblivious of this fact, there are those who just shrugged their shoulders at the mention of this nutritional drawback. Others still, decided to bridge the gap with synthetic food supplements, while the wise few turned to natural means with the help of their trusty blenders and started whipping up power smoothies.

Enter matcha. As this ceremonial pre-battle drink of the ancient samurais entered the Western psyche, a growing number of modern urban ‘warriors’ started adding the specially farmed and milled green tea powder to their power smoothies as well. Rightly so, since matcha is heaving with antioxidants and amino acids that help shield our bodies from the slings and arrows of free radicals and viruses that destroy healthy cells within our systems, thereby causing illnesses.

Photo source: www.kitchenbowl.com

Then again, although matcha seems to be essential to the mix, the drink should also contain other whole food ingredients for it to be called a true blue, or should I say green, power smoothie. It should likewise contain fibers, proteins and other specific nutrients that our bodies need. And of course, it should be a palate pleaser too.

Here are a few amazing matcha-infused blends put together by fitness savvy individuals who graciously shared their concoctions in their respective blogs:


1. Matcha Mint & Fruits Smoothie


Photo source: www.talesofakitchen.com

This blend made by businesswoman, cookbook author and blogger Chris Anca from Perth Australia mixes a teaspoon of matcha with fresh mint, banana, orange, strawberries and chia seeds. This refreshing citrusy and minty power smoothie helps you load up with antioxidants, vitamins, proteins, amino acids, omega3 and omega6 fatty acids, vitamins and dietary fibers.

The drink will not only give you a tremendous energy boost to tackle the challenges of the day, it also helps improve your mood through matcha’s teeming EGCG (epigallocatechin-gallate) content, a catechin that you cannot find in most foods. To borrow Chris’s apt description of the vibrant green powder: “(its) a potent powder full of crazy sexy health benefits”.

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2. Matcha Protein Smoothie

Photo source: www.fortheloveofbasil.com

This power smoothie calls for the use of coconut water as liquid base, which is filled with electrolytes and a gamut of bioactive enzymes that helps boost our metabolism and digestive system. This therapeutic property actually amplifies matcha’s own beneficial function to the said part of our system. This blend also includes the highly nutritious kale, which in turn helps the antioxidant-rich green tea powder double-team cancer cells, thus prohibiting them to score in our home-court (pardon the sports metaphor).

Hillary Hamilton, a passionate cook and prolific recipe author behind the blog For the Love of Basil, created this blend. It also calls for the use of frozen banana, vanilla coconut yoghurt, vanilla protein powder and ice. So this concoction currently posted in Hillary’s blog, is not only nutritious but also delicious and refreshing.

Click HERE to see complete recipe.


3. Matcha Pear Green Protein Smoothie

Photo source: www.dailyburn.com

This fat-burning and tasty blend is posted in the website dailyburn.com and it includes the specially formulated vanilla-flavored DailyBurn Fuel-6 Protein in the mix. Besides the highly nourishing matcha powder, its other main components are pear and spinach. The bulbous fruit helps provide Vitamin C, fiber and a pleasant sweetness to the drink, while the leafy vegetable delivers Vitamins A, K and folate, among others, as well as a gamut of minerals including calcium, magnesium and potassium.

The recipe also listed almond milk as liquid base, which gives the smoothie a matcha latte – like quality, as the flavor of the said non-dairy product works extremely well with that of green tea powder. The photo shown here is originally posted in the above-mentioned e-magazine that offers an archive of fitness routines and healthy recipes, among others.

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4. Shamrock Smoothie with Matcha


Photo source: www.boiledeggsandsoldiers.com

Despite the name, this power drink is not made of three-leaf clovers, one of the national symbols of the Irish. It just so happens that the recipe creator made this concoction in observance of St. Patrick’s Day, which inspired her to make a bright green smoothie by using matcha. In stead, stay-at-home mom, recipe author and blogger Victoria, the woman behind the food blog Boiled Eggs & Soldiers, incorporated highly nutritious and flavorful fresh fruits and vegetables in the mix.

Among the ingredients she thrown in her recipe as well as into the blender, includes kale, pear, cucumber avocado, lemon juice and coconut water. So you can imagine that it contains complex, yet harmonious flavors that include sweetness, tartness and savory taste. This smoothie is nourishing and satisfying, as well as great for detoxing.

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5. Matcha Peach Vanilla Smoothie

Photo source: www.spoonfulofflavor.com

If you will add some ice cubes in this smoothie then you will have a delightful matcha – peach milk shake. This creamy and scrumptious blend was created specifically for American Dairy Association by travel, fashion and food blogger Ashley from Florida. It is likewise posted in her blog called A Spoonful of Flavor, which contains an archive of her recipes, photography works, travel chronicles and fashion reviews.

Besides a tablespoonful of Grado culinario matcha powder, other ingredients required for this smoothie includes milk, Greek yoghurt, frozen peaches, banana and vanilla extract plus mint leaves for garnish. This blend is pleasantly sweet and creamy and is a good source for calcium, potassium, fiber, multi-vitamins, amino acids and a host of antioxidants.

Click HERE to see complete recipe.


6. Mango Matcha Smoothie

Photo source: www.honestcooking.com

 Exuding with bold tropical fruits flavor, this blend made by food blogger Julia Mueller and contributed to Honest Cooking, is a certified palate pleaser and health booster. Mango’s unique sweetness and pleasant hint of tartness perfectly complements matcha’s vegetal and malty quality. The said complex flavor combination is further enhanced by the taste of almond milk and fresh orange juice, while the ripe bananas added texture and lusciousness to the mixture.

In spite of mango’s saccharine quality, it is cholesterol-free, sodium-free and fat-free. The said national fruit of India, Pakistan and the Philippines also contains more than 20 different vitamins, which in combination with the abundant polyphenols of the green tea powder, delivers loads of nutritive and therapeutic benefits. Plus, it is downright yummy! The product shot shown above came from honestcooking.com, an online culinary magazine that showcases the works of more than 900 chefs, bakers, bloggers and F&B writers.

Click HERE to see complete recipe.


7. Matcha and Cantaloupe Smoothie

Photo source: www.kitchenbowl.com

Last but not the least in this article, is a refreshing and nourishing blend contributed by food technician and blogger Sandra to kitchenbowl.com, a website and mobile app that serves as an exchange and resource portal for recipes made by numerous cooking enthusiasts, food bloggers and professional chefs.

In this concoction, the aromatic, sweet and juicy quality of cantaloupe is combined with the umami taste and hint of bitterness of matcha powder, brought by its high concentration of polyphenols and chlorophyll content. Rounding up the flavor and texture profile of the drink is the almond milk, which as previously mentioned, works really well with matcha in creating a tasty, creamy and healthy beverage.

Click HERE to see complete recipe.


As demonstrated in each of the blends featured here, matcha powder can be mixed with a wide variety of whole food ingredients, with each one having an amazing result. Another compelling reason to make the vibrant green tea powder a part of your regular kitchen essentials like salt, sugar and spices. Thanks for reading!